Social Health Protection

What is CONNECT?

CONNECT is a pioneering multi-stakeholder network of public institutions and non-for profit organisations in Asia Pacific region, working together to bridge the gaps in Social Health Protection.

Its mandate is to strengthen the capacity of countries in the region to develop and implement strong, sustainable and comprehensive policies, strategies and systems for Social Health Protection as a contribution to the achievement of Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

As a regional centre of excellence it aims to promote good practices and foster exchanges. It provides joint research opportunities, delivers short and long-term training and supports advocacy and awareness-raising efforts in the region. To increase regional capacity and knowledge on social health protection, the network promotes South-South cooperation initiatives as a complement to on-going national efforts and in support to existing national policies.

Areas of interventions

Awareness & Advocacy

CONNECT aims to support its members advocacy and awareness raising efforts by:

  • producing and disseminating evidence;
  • facilitating and engaging in dialogues on social health protection in the Asia Pacific region;
  • organising high-profile international events to give visibility to health protection

Evidence & Knowledge Sharing

CONNECT’s objective is to support countries in producing evidence and knowledge on health protection to:

  • inform national social health protection policies, strategies and programs to improve access to essential health care services, reduce inequalities and enhance financial health protection;
  • feed global knowledge database.

Capacity Building

CONNECT promotes both short and long term capacity building exercises, and one of its flagship products is the Master of Primary Heath Care Management (MPHM) and Social Health Protection (SHP) launched in August 2020.

It aims to address capacity-building needs related to Social Health Protection through a strong partnership between Mahidol University, the ILO and CONNECT members.



CONNECT encompasses a mix of expert institutions with different yet complementing mandates, active in the field of social health protection that believe sharing knowledge and technical know-how, facilitating capacity building exercises, and promoting collaborative research opportunities are all key to strengthening Social Health Protection systems.

The driving force behind CONNECT is the Preparatory Committee, the organisations’ founding members. It is comprised of research institutes and universities from Thailand, Viet Nam, South Korea and the International Labour Organization (ILO).

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Do you want to join us ?

Are you a research institute, university, higher education provider, social security/ social health protection unit or a specialised government agency? Do you want to get collaborate with us and join our community of international practitioners and experts in social health protection?

To join our community, click the JOIN US button. We welcome institutions and organizations  who want to contribute to our regional efforts towards UHC, so please fill out the membership form and gain access to your personal CONNECT virtual space.

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Master of primary health care management (mphm) and social health protection (shp)

The MPHM special track in social health protection (SHP) is a unique program that aims to develop critical analysis of issues related to social health protection to enable students to acquire the necessary skills to devise appropriate social health protection schemes, and support relevant health policy reforms.

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